Thursday, May 28, 2020

Living as pilgrims in this world

Today the thought came to me that we are all pilgrims in this world, just passing through.

I have traveled all over the world and I have always been amazed at how easy it is for me to feel at home... just about everywhere. Just as long as there is food on the table and a pillow to rest my head on, I am happy.

It makes life easier when we are flexible, in a sense. The Bible says:

For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come (Hebrews 13:14).

This world is not our permanent home. So, how come we act as if it is? We want to control everything that is happening, but we can't. Yet, we get restless when things are shaken, we feel uneasy when things change, we have this need to defend what we believe belongs to us...

It is all understandable, of course. We want stability, we want security, we want peace. When there is turmoil in the world, we feel it in our hearts, we feel it in our souls. It is like bleeding inside. We are hurting because we cannot stop the world from turning... and turning.
If we could only learn to live as a pilgrim. I don't mean being homeless or without possessions; but being able to move on, despite circumstances. Being able to look forward to the surprises waiting around the next corner.

We can learn a lesson from Abraham. By faith he made his home in the promised land. Yet, he lived like a stranger in a foreign country. Hebrews 11:10 says: He was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

We should take care of this world, it is our assignment to subdue and cultivate the earth and to evenly divide her resources. But we should also look forward to a new heaven and a new earth, where every tear will be wiped away, where there will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain (Revelation 21:1-4).

Let's get our focus right, while passing through.


  1. "being able to move on despite circumstances." This may become the new way of life, the new normal, for us in this world. This pandemic has caused a lot of things to change here in the USA.

    Things are changing: some businesses are not reopening. My hairstylist chose to retire from that business after 32 years. My Sunday school teacher's barber may retire. Our church, when it reopens, will be vastly different in the way we have services.People can't be as friendly as they once were and would like to be. All because of their desire to be safe from the COVID-19.

    We have to keep our eyes on Jesus in order to get through all this. He will lead us through. Peace and blessings.

    1. A lot of things will change indeed Cecelia, some things only temporarily, others for good. I hope people will still be friendly :) But Jesus said that 'the love of most people will grow cold', well, I hope that's not us!.
      Although we may experience pain and disappointment in the present, we have a better future to look forward to!
      Thanks for your comments dear, I appreciate your input.

  2. Holding on to the mindset of a pilgrim really puts everything in perspective, Marja. May we embrace with joy each day God gives to us, and do His will to His glory.

    1. Amen Martha, well said. Thank you for stopping by.


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