Tuesday, May 30, 2006

God and our 24/7 society

Are we able to define our destination?
We know our way around this world. Yes, we know all about time management and multi tasking. We have become masters in planning and scheduling. Who doesn't have a full calender page each week on the refrigerator door or a overflowing digital agenda in the laptop or a weekly schedule at the office? Wherever we go, our hours seem to be planned by others: opening and closing hours in the stores, office hours at the bank and the post office, class schedules at the gym, appointment openings at the doctor's office, etc. Our days are filled from morning to evening. We have arrived, haven't we?
I know I speak for many when I make the statement that somehow the big question still remains: If we are all so busy moving, what are we headed toward? Where are we going? Are we able to define our destination? Why the rush? When are we supposed to be there? If we are so capable of running our own lives, how come we end up tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, and sometimes even depressed? How come we hardly ever get the feeling that we are where we want to be?
God knows everything about our busy lives, our hectic schedules and our longing for some rest and peace. He knew. He knew all along. That is why He wants to talk to us about time, about the days that make up a week, about the weeks that make up our lives.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Joy is divine happiness

"Your Commandments are my eternal possession; they are the joy of my heart"
Personally, I love the word joy. It means so much more than happiness. You can be happy because someone has been nice to you, because the sun is shining, or because you have received a present. Happiness is the result of certain circumstances or certain things done to or for you. How often do we say: Yes, that will make me happy. Something needs to be done to produce that feeling. Joy is something you have, regardless of the circumstance. You are happy, but you have joy. Happiness is the result of something happening to you; joy is the result of something that has happened in you. Joy is a possession; it doesn't come and go like happiness or even pleasure or enjoyment. Let's say joy is divine happiness. Joy is part of God's divine character. He likes to share it with us through His Spirit. In Galatians 5:22 we can learn what God's character is all about. "But the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control." Joy is a product of God's character in us. We have it, even if we don't feel happy!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Giving in order to receive

God wants to multiply your time!
If for whatever reason we regard one day a week as special, we regard it as our special day, and thus we want to do the things we like or love. God's way of thinking is different: One day a week is special. It is not yours, it is Mine. Pursue Me and not your own interests.
Could it be that we lack time during the week because we are trying to keep all the days for ourselves, because we refuse to give God His rightful one day a week? Think about the biblical principle of giving in order to receive. If we give Him back one day a week, He can bless the other six! It works with money, why wouldn't it work with time?
I want to challenge you if you are one out of those millions of people who are often busy and hardly ever have enough time to get everything done; start giving back to God His special day. You will find out He starts to bless the other six days too, in a supernatural way. You will always have enough time. By giving Him the hours on that special day, He will mutiply them and give them back to you during the other days! You will never, ever run out of time again!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From the author

Are you curious and ready to receive an uncommon thought on a much debated, yet sometimes forgotten issue?
In Sacred Sabbath I have taken one of God's Commandments out of its birthplace in history and put it in our daily lives at the dawn of the 21st century. I have put it smack in the middle of a time in which the Ten Commandments are the reason for public debates, lawsuits and political turmoil. I am aware of a movement that is trying to get rid of the display of the Ten Commandments in America's courthouses, judicial system and schools. I am even more aware that we serve a God who wants the Ten Commandments back in America's homes, in America's family lives, and in the hearts of the people. It is from there that we will be able to change the world we live in. It is from within her own people that America can turn back to moral and high value living, the way God had in mind when He created us in His image!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First Book in Series Launched

Sacred Sabbath, God's way to Multiply Our Time and restore Our Joy
This is the first book in a series about the Ten Commandments in the 21st century. This short and easy-to-understand study doles out profound nuggets of wisdom to anyone who wants to live the life that God had in mind when He created mankind. It explains how we can fulfill the Law in a spirit of love, just as Jesus did. It will lead the reader into an inward change rather than towards an outward experience. The book contains fresh insights and holds the key to reorganizing our present day busy lifestyle in a way that seems forgotten, yet so simple. You will never be able to look at the days of the weeks that make up your life, the same way again!

Pastor Lonnie G. McCowan, Solid Rock Christian Center, Ventura CA:

"When I first read Marja's book Sacred Sabbath I literally had no idea how profound the impact of this manuscript would be. Even though I have pastored a church and been in ministry for over 20 years, I found myself receiving new insights and principles to approach the Sabbath. Her style of writing and accuracy of Scripture immediately started to quench a thirst inside of me as I read each page. It was so enlightening that I read the book in one sitting. If you read it, your eyes will be opened to a new level of living, a new level of peace that comes only when you see the Sabbath as sacred.