Monday, June 27, 2016

Blogging routine baloney

Well, after the blogoversary celebrations, the WIP special Bloggers@work and the latest news about my new book Spirit of Truth, I am trying to get back to my weekly writing routine... yeah, I said trying.

There is no such thing as a writing or blogging routine in my life. Last week I was traveling in the beautiful country of Macedonia which has a history going back to Biblical times. I attended a conference of Roma gypsies; believers who have a heart to change the fate and future of their people. I could write a book about the struggles and victories they experience.

In the meantime my husband was traveling in Slovenia. He attended a men's conference where more than 400 men from different Balkan countries (former Yugoslavia) came together to seek God's face, to forgive and be forgiven and in doing so to be healed of their brokenness. I know this will not appear on the daily news, but believe me... this is a major happening in the spiritual world and it would take more than one book to write down the stories!

When at home with nothing to do :-) (just kidding) I am working on a Bible study book in the Dutch language while ideas for the next book in the Ten Commandments series are running through my mind. Besides that, an Italian version of one of my dearest and most precious books, Breath of Life, will be coming out next month... and yeah, we will be traveling to Italy.

So, a writing or blogging routine... nah, can't seem to get it together. How about you?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Spirit of Truth review snippets

In my post The fear of reviews I stated that reviews should be the fertilizer for our next work! Most writers will admit to having a love-hate affair with reviews. We dread 'm, we love 'm and we need 'm.

Having said that, I am thankful for every review, recommendation, endorsement and kind word written about my books. I am learning from reader's comments. As promised I'll share some snippets from recent reviews concerning my latest book Spirit of Truth. I hope they will help you to make a decision whether this book is worth reading or not.

"In Spirit of Truth we certainly get to the heart of the matter of truth. A new perspective of the trial of Jesus is placed in your mind, which I found incredibly hard to shake, but very easy to relate to... This delightful book, well thought out and relevant to us today... will give a unique insight, which has changed my perspective! A book you will certainly read often."

"In this brief, easy read, Marja has exposed deception and its destructive power. Just as effectively, she has compiled the facts of truth... I found the bullet points that close each chapter thought provoking and challenging, a nudge toward practical application. I highly recommend this book: it's full of sound, scriptural guidance for any young sojourner, and just as importantly, seasoned, mature readers will be challenged to consider their habits and whether they are walking in the Spirit of Truth or stumbling about in deception."

"Prior to reading this book, I had not considered interpreting truth from so many angles. I appreciated the challenge to examine how I view truth, as well as the encouragement to live accordingly. Readers will enjoy Ms. Meijer’s friendly, conversational style as she guides them on an insightful journey to define and apply Biblical truth in their lives. I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking truth, as well as those desiring a deeper relationship with the Lord."

"Marja delves into the nuances of being truthful about what we share with others. She approaches the issues involved with a magnifying glass and sheds light on issues most of the people would only think about in passing. I like the concept of the series of which this book is a part; the whole series is about the Ten Commandments in the 21st century."

Get your Kindle edition today!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

The fear of reviews

So, you've written a book. The days of crying, wrestling, whining, procrastinating and too much chocolate are finally over. The books arrived at your door step.

You touch the book, open it carefully and hold your breath while quickly scanning the pages... and you silently pray, 'please, don't let there be any typo's.'

You place it on your desk and enthusiastically leave copies all over the house: on the coffee table, the kitchen counter, the front porch, in the bathroom and the glove compartment of your car. It´s probably better for everyone that your husband stopped you before venturing out into the neighborhood.

You restrain yourself and carefully plan the announcements on your social media. Not too much, not too much, lest people will grow tired of your efforts. You check Amazon two thousand times a day to see whether someone left a review or purchased the Kindle version that you practically offered for free. It's your book, it's your baby, it's your tears and your pain.

Everyone told you it would be like this and yet.... the agony is worse than imagined. Will readers like the book or will they nail it to the floor? Will they tell others about it or will their silence drown your story? Legitimate questions of course, but maybe we're missing the most important one: Why fear the reviews?

We all need honest feedback, even if it hurts. It is part of the writing process which, by the way, does NOT stop when the book goes to print. Good, unbiased reviews build our character and sharpen our writing skills and purposes. As a matter of fact, I believe they should be the fertilizer for our next work!

I'll share some recommendations from recent reviews about my latest book Spirit of Truth in my next blog post. But besides that, I am curious... what are your experiences with writing or receiving reviews?

Friday, June 03, 2016

Blogoversary continued...

The party isn't over until it's over! That certainly goes for my 10 year blogging anniversary.

I am thankful for everyone who participated in my blogspecial Bloggers@work. If I have learned something, it is that we bloggers/writers don't like editing and that we should never, ever give up on writing!

Susan Reinhardt threw in a giveaway and I asked her to draw a name. She writes: "I drew a name, but made an executive decision :) Since May was also my blogoversary month, I'm going to bless all three of these ladies!"
Isn't it great to celebrate together?! Thank you Susan, for your kindness.

To top it off, Cecelia Lester posted an interview with me on her blog and a review of my latest book Spirit of Truth. I quote:

"Marja delves into the nuances of being truthful about what we share with others. She approaches the issues involved with a magnifying glass and sheds light on issues most of the people would only think about in passing."

I am looking back with a grateful heart at a this blogoversary and I hope yours will be a blast as well, in due time. Let's keep on blogging!