Friday, May 28, 2010

Variance Magazine

I'll have a chance to win a free full page ad!
This summer Tate Publsihing will come out with a quarterly on-line magazine about culture, entertainment, books and art, Variance Magazine. By bringing in subscribers I'll have a chance to win a free full page ad about my books! So please, go to Variance Magazine and subscribe, all they need is your e-mail! The magazine will appear 4x a year, so no havoc in your mailbox!
Make sure to mention my latest book BREATH OF LIFE in the box where it says 'how did you hear about us'.
For all you writers and bloggers, you are encouraged to submit articles! Variance could be your next platform!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Made in His image

Read the story of your life...
"Life before conception is kind of hard to imagine... as far as I am concerned it is all I ever knew..."

Yeah right... who doesn't like to recommend his or her own book? Ofcourse I am excited about the story as I penned it down in Breath of Life! That's one of the reasons I am promoting it on this weblog (and I am trying to get rid of some stock as well, so as to make room for a new book!).
Ever wondered how we resemble God's image, since He is Spirit? In Breath of Life I have tried to describe the melting together of spirit, soul, and body into one human being, a triune being, just like God! Take this unique journey and travel from way before conception towards our entrance into this world!

Available wherever books are sold and at all major on-line booksellers!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Power Source

Nothing significant will ever be done without the Power of the Holy Spirit
Believe it or not, but in Holland Pentecost is a national holiday. This coming Sunday is the big day to celebrate in churches and congregations and Monday is the second day of Pentecost, a day off for the whole country. Many people probably have no clue what Pentecost means, but for believers it is one of the highlights in the Christian year.
We can read in the first chapter of the Book of Acts (verse 8) how Jesus gave His disciples a glimpse of what was to be expected:

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

Awesome promise. I am sure the disciples waited with anticipation for that power to come. When I read Jesus' words here I cannot help but wonder why the majority of Christians think they can do without the power today. Education and status have often replaced reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit. Imagine this, the disciples had been with Jesus for three years, day in, day out. They witnessed the miracles, the healings and the raising of the dead. The listened to His teachings firsthand, He answered their questions and eased their worries. Jesus ate with them, He drank with them, He traveled with them and He even prayed for them! Now, if Jesus warns those men to wait for power to come and to not go into the world on their own account (Luke 24:48) why in the world would Christians even think they can do anything significant without the power of the Holy Spirit today?
Please, pray as never before to receive the power of the Holy Spirit, there is still much work to do!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't skip the bread!

When sickness tries to come your way...
The last time we celebrated holy communion in our church, a bunch of people got healed! It was awesome!
Some were healed while listening to the teaching about 1 Corinthians 12, some while partaking in holy communion, some afterwards during prayer. Well, whatever the case, when you need healing in your body any moment is fine!
We drink the wine in remembrance of Jesus' blood that flowed for the forgiveness of our sins. But what do we eat the bread for? The bread symbolizes the body of Jesus that was bruised for the healing of our diseases. It is by His wounds (or stripes) that we received healing. Blood alone was not enough, there was whipping and torture, something they never did with the sacrificial animals in the Old Testament. If there was ever one person who clearly understood that, it was the prophet Isaiah. He wrote: Surely, he took up our infirmities. I love that word 'surely'.

We are forgiven and we are healed! Does that mean we never sin again? No, but it should not take us down. Does that mean we will never be sick again? No, but it should not take us down. Whether sin or sickness tries to come our way, we should immediately take part in holy communion (wherever we are) and read Jesus' words over our situation. His promises are life!
Maybe you find it hard to believe this because you experience a sickness that just won't go away. Don't give up, keep digging in the word and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you about the matter. It might also help to meditate on 1 Corinthians 12:28-31. If it was possible for people to become sick and sometimes even die because they participated in holy communion in a unworthy manner, I feel free to say that it is surely possible to get healed when we participate in a worthy manner! Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Generous Grouch?

A Steward's Journey
Americans are re-thinking the way they spend their money... well, let's hope that is one of the results of the current economic instability.
Complaining does not change anything, nor does worrying. Instead, we can make the decision to see today as the right time to evaluate the stewardship of everything God has given us, no matter how much or little that is. Maybe you recently started paying of debt, maybe you have to move to a smaller house, maybe you are getting married or maybe you are going off to college. Whatever the situation, every day can be a new beginning, make it a good start! Be a good steward!
A great and vey practical book on the subject is A Steward's Journey by Don Coley. The book offers 30, easy to read, short chapters, a prayer for the day and points to ponder in the 'reflect & respond' section at the end of each chapter. A Steward's Journey is a fresh and challenging perspective on how we should handle our finances and material possessions. It combines engaging word pictures, real life stories, and the time-tested principles of ancient scriptures. Don draws a road map that leads away from the counsel of modern consumer cultures, and towards the sense of peace and contentment that comes only when we understand our role as stewards. I highly recommend this book. Don is practical in his findings and advice, it is an enjoyable read and educational at the same time!
Don writes: When was the last time you met a generous grouch? Probably never, because generous people are usually the happiest and most content people on earth. They are rich because they have enough, not poor because they are always looking for elusive more.
I also recommend this book because it paves the way for more books about stewardship, giving and generosity. As a matter of fact, my forth book, Grace of Giving, will be released later this year. For more info on Don's book go to A Steward's Journey or follow Don on Facebook!