Thursday, April 28, 2011

E-book Grace of Giving

Within minutes on your e-reader!
Nowadays a book is more than well... just a book! The reader must make his or her choice between paper backs, hard backs, audio books and e-books! Personally I prefer a paper back, I love to write my notes in a book, underline sentences and highlight the parts I want to remember! My books are also available as audio books, because for many people is is simply easier to listen than to read. Up to now I have not mentioned the e-book on my weblog. Where have I been?

Of course Grace of Giving is available as e-book! Within minutes and for a few bucks you can have it on your e-reader, Nook or Kindle (and many other devices). Is that awesome or what? Order here!

PS: We'll be traveling for a few days because we're speaking at a Kingdom Conference in Germany. So let me wish you all a happy weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blogger review Grace of Giving

Oh well, I am sobbing again... (see my previous post)... This time tears of joy and thanksgiving. My dear blogging friend Lorrie Ransom posted on her blog Grow Up Deep about my latest release Grace of Giving. She wrote with passion and honesty and totally left me amazed and speechless... such kind words. Please, be so kind to visit her blog and say hi, she totally deserves it!
Is the blogging community good or what?? Have you had similar experiences?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sobbing through the introduction...

We bloggers just LOVE give-aways, it is such a great way of blessing one another! A while back I won a book through a give-away at Susan Panzica's blog. I was delighted and really believe my good luck has changed for the better, haha, I have never won anything before in my life! She mailed me a copy of The Hole in Our Gospel written by Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision US.

It was on my to-read pile for quite some time and this week I finally opened the first page and began to read. I cried throughout the introduction and all the way through the first chapter... really! Sobbing at a mere foreword is a new experience for me and for one thing, Stearns had my attention! Wow, I hope to be able to write in such a way one day. Stearns touches a very sensitive subject: the role of the 21st century church in the affairs of the world. You can find hundreds of reviews on Amazon, so I'll skip that, but I just wanted to highlight one of the questions he asks in this book, which is really all about building and advancing the Kingdom of God here on earth.
"The Lord's prayer, repeated in churches the world over, contains the phrase 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven'. Do we believe what we pray?"

After Jesus' resurrection he went around for 40 days, talking about the Kingdom. His message was huge, it was world changing, it was utterly important, so important that it came out of His mouth until the day He went back to the Father! What are we doing? Are we inviting people into His Kingdom? Are we advancing His Kingdom everywhere we go?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Review and words to ponder

Today I received another great and honest review for my new released book Grace of Giving. If you are somewhat familiar with the writing business, you know how hard it is to get your work reviewed. Hopefully you also know how rewarding it is to receive a good rating and/or positive review! Needless to say I am happy, honored and thrilled with the review on Christian Book Notes. I realize I have mentioned Grace of Giving more than once on this blog and many of you have read the book. However, for those of you who are still planning to read it, this review offers useful insight on the subject matter, so feel free to check it out!

Since we are still traveling, I'll keep this post short and give you a thought to ponder. A thought about Peter walking on water: "The waves were just as high when Peter walked perfectly on the water as when he sank. The wind was just as great when Peter walked perfectly, as when he sank..."
In other words, there will always be storms in our life. It is our focus that will determine how we will continue our walk! Let's focus on the unchanging Word of God, not on the words the world hurls at us!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Traveling Light

Traveling Light
Has it ever happened to you that an idea kept coming back to your mind? No matter what you tried, it was impossible to push it away. Every time you dared to think about it, it kept growing, it kept you awake and it kept you on the edge of your seat.

Well, that happened to us when we first started thinking about starting a European based non profit organisation. It must have been about two years ago. At first we didn't take it too serious, but the idea kept coming back. So, finally we talked business, with each other and with God! After much thought and prayer we finally signed the papers last week and Traveling Light was born.While we are still working on some final paper work, we already have a weblog up and running. If you're curious, please visit us at the Traveling Light weblog and be inspired and encouraged! I have also added a link in the sidebar on the right!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Interview with Susan Panzica

This week I am honored and happy to post an interview with blogging friend Susan Panzica!

Welcome Susan, I am glad you agreed to a blog interview. It is always fun to learn a bit more about the faithful writers behind the ‘blogs of note’. Your writing home Eternity CafĂ© is a great place to visit while enjoying a cup of coffee. Let's linger around today and listen as you tell your story… 

Please, introduce yourself and tell us some funny or interesting tidbits about your background
First let me thank you for this interview. One of the best parts of blogging is getting to “meet” wonderful new friends in the blogosphere, you being one of them.
When I think of my background, I think sad, not funny. I grew up in a broken, dysfunction Jewish family, not religious but culturally Jewish. But there are always funny tidbits if you look for them. For example, my hometown as a little girl was Massapequa, NY. Because the population was half Jewish and half Italian, we referred to it as “Matza-pizza.” Now I’m married to an Italian, so my children are little “matza-pizzas.” 
Some people find it interesting that I’m a very good cook, because if you know me, you’ll know that I am one of the pickiest eaters alive. I guess if I like it, it must be good! 

Your personal testimony on your website is fascinating, Susan! Please share how you, as a Jewish young woman, came to believe in Yeshua
My testimony I Was a Jewish Tax Collector can be found on my blog. My friends and I spent many nights at bars, dancing the nights away. One night we met the band, who had come to Christ the previous month. They shared the gospel with us, and something clicked, something deep inside. We talked many times over the next few weeks, and we started reading the Bible. I had many questions, and God provided answers. The “God shaped hole” in my heart was filled. That’s the short version. There’s much that came before and after, but that was the start of my journey. It wasn’t until I became a Christian that I learned what it really meant to be a Jew.

You have a love for writing and teaching. How do you combine the two?
I’m a natural born teacher. When I hear something encouraging or enlightening, I immediately want to share it with others. Writing came along recently as another avenue to share the message. Now that I’m immersed in the writing world, my appreciation for writers has multiplied exponentially. And I’ve grown to love what I previously feared. Funny how that happens. 

Some of your speaking topics really triggered my interest, ‘time in a bottle’ and ‘fear is a four letter word’. How do you pick your topics and do you have a favorite one you enjoy teaching on? 
Nearly all of my speaking topics are born out of personal experience. Using the examples you selected, “Time in a Bottle” looks at the finite amount of time each day and how we fill it up. We can’t make time; we can only spend it. And my spending habits caused my life to be impoverished.
Fear was my constant companion for as long as I can remember. I say “Fear is a Four Letter Word” because the first mention of fear is found in the Garden of Eden after the fall - the subtitle to this message is “Conquer the Curse.” Speaking on overcoming fear is a favorite topic of mine not only because it is my testimony, but also because so resonates with women. 
My other favorite topic is the subject of my book-in-progress “i know You are, but what am i?” which biblically answers the age-old ‘who am I’ question. There’s a great deal written about the names of God (and rightly so!), but not very much about who He made us to be. If we can grasp who He made us to be, we can do what He calls us to do. 

As far as your writing is concerned, what are your plans (or dreams) for the near future? 
My ultimate goal for writing is to publish the book series about our identity in Christ, with versions for youth and children. In the very near future, on my blog, I will be sharing what I call “people posts” featuring unexpected “ordinary” people like you and me who exemplify these identities in their daily lives.

What is your drive behind blogging?
I never heard of blogging 3 years ago. Now I can’t stop! I will be blogging whether or not I do any other writing. For me, it is ministry. I love sharing everyday illustrations that illuminate divine truths, parables of sorts, and I especially love connecting with my readers, most of whom are not bloggers.

Do you have any authors or specific books that have been an inspiration to you?
Anything by Francine Rivers, Max Lucado, or Francis Chan
A book that spoke to me deeply many years ago – “Hinds Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard 
And of course – the Bible 

If you were asked to design the bumper sticker that would change the world, what would it say
Great question! To be limited to so few words is challenging for a gabber like me! Maybe I’d need a billboard ;) But what I’d want to share to change the world: you are loved - unconditionally 

What is on top of your list of ‘places-to-visit’
I would love to go on a mission trip to Uganda or Haiti OR to vacation in Monaco or Australia. How do I reconcile these diametrically opposed locations? I have no idea! But my daughter went to Uganda last year, and the work they are doing there is amazing. And all my life, I’ve just loved to travel.

Any words of encouragement for all the wonderful people in blogging land?
They are wonderful, aren’t they? My encouragement would be – be true to your calling. I’m an encourager, and my blog reflects that. At least, I hope it does. Many view blogging as a platform-builder, which it is. But it is so much more than that. It is a way to connect with visitors and leave an imprint on their hearts. And it is reciprocal. The blessings in blogging can be surprising and are always bountiful.

Thank you Susan, for this interview and for sharing part of your life and writing journey with us!

If you have never done so before, feel free to visit Susan's blog and website and leave her a word of encouragement! Her weblog is a great inspirational place to visit, her posts offer a healthy variety of topics, photo's, meditations and Youtube songs. Her website holds Susan's personal testimony (which is really a delight to read!) and information about her speaking engagements.

website: Susan Panzica

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring in Holland

Well, after a long day (or night, or both... I forgot) of traveling we are back home in Holland! Wow, Los Angeles - Zurich - Amsterdam, half way around the world! It is always a relief to set foot on solid ground again (with all our luggage!). I love spring time in Holland, the flowers are abundant and every tree seems to burst with new life. The birds are happily singing while I am digging through a pile of mail...