Saturday, April 02, 2011

Spring in Holland

Well, after a long day (or night, or both... I forgot) of traveling we are back home in Holland! Wow, Los Angeles - Zurich - Amsterdam, half way around the world! It is always a relief to set foot on solid ground again (with all our luggage!). I love spring time in Holland, the flowers are abundant and every tree seems to burst with new life. The birds are happily singing while I am digging through a pile of mail...


  1. How wonderful! Enjoy your journey and get some rest... sounds like you need it! :O)

  2. Thanks Diana, I am slowly adjusting...

  3. How is the jet lag?


  4. Hi Marja -

    Glad you, your husband, and your luggage made it to Holland safely.

    I love tulips and can imagine the beauty of Spring in your country. Do they still have a lot of windmills?

    Susan :)

  5. Hi Glenda, It's getting a little better :) I went back to work right away, that helped to get into the rythm...

    Susan, a few miles from where we live there are many famous windmills, people form all over the world come to see them. I think I have a good picture on Facebook!

  6. Marja! I bet you are tired from the flight. I can imagine the flowers are gorgeous. Holland must be so lovely.

    I loved my book, Grace of Giving. You speak the truth and say it in a way that grabs hold of me. I do see how I have even been wrong in my thinking. (I had to repent.) I can't wait to buy them all. So glad Karen introduced us.

    I have been meaning to come by. Been really sick. In the bed for six weeks.


  7. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Tulips in Holland. I love tulips. Red tulips. It's one of the few flowers I recognize.

    Holland. A few years ago I did some family history for my daughter-in-law who has one Dutch line. Maybe one day I'll learn how to read the language. I printed out some maps of the various areas. Looked like a maze!

    My eye is catching your previous post, about your article in the County Star. Congratulations! I'll now check out the link.

    And I'm very glad to meet you, too.
    Ann Carbine Best’s Long Journey Home

  8. Robyn, I am so sorry to hear you have been sick for so long, I truly hope you are doing better!
    Thank you for your positive comments on my latest book, I am so glad it blessed you!

  9. Sounds beautiful! You should post some pictures. (:

  10. Thanks Ann, for your visit! The Dutch language is quit difficult, but I am sure you could learn a few useful words :)


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