Sunday, July 20, 2014

The journey...

A few years ago my husband and I started a non-profit organization called Traveling Light. Whenever we can, we travel all over Europe and the Mediterranean to visit Christian drugs- and alcohol rehabilitation centers, struggling churches, small-scale organizations etc. etc. We simply offer encouragement in forms of practical help, financial support and spiritual encouragement.

The other day I was reading (again) in Lynn Austin's book Pilgrimage, and I was touched and encouraged by the following paragraph, which really made me think. I hope it will stir up your thoughts as well:

'It might be our natural tendency to build impressive monuments for Christian ministry, but it isn't God's way. We are supposed to go out into the world, not wait for the world to come to us, even if God has to turn our comfortable lives upside down to get us to do it.
I'm told that in the original Greek language, the wording of Jesus' Great Commission reads: "As you are going into the world... make disciples." Jesus assumes that we will be going; His orders are to make disciples along the way. When He sent His disciples out two by two to teach in all of the villages, He didn't tell them to buy a chunk of land and build an impressive building. He said, "Take nothing for the journey except a staff - no bread, no bag, no money in your belts" (Mark 6:8). I call that traveling light.
Jesus wanted them to trust God and the Holy Spirit's leading, not build elaborate projects and programs and ministries.'

Sometimes I wonder what Christianity in the Western world has become... We are often really busy maintaining our buildings and ministries, which leaves no time for the journey...
I truly believe we have to go back to the simplicity of the assignment we have received as Christians: making disciples along the way, no matter whether our journey is local, national or international.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Life on the couch?

On rainy days like today, I enjoy reading through old journals... just to measure my spiritual growth and development. I came across a page where I had written with big letters:

I cannot live a godly life on automatic pilot

I wrote it in a period of my life where I became aware of the talents and passions God had planted in my heart.

Talents and passions that need to be worked out and exercised and that will keep me from spending a life on the couch.

I wrote it down long before Twitter became popular, but I think it makes a cool tweet, don't you?