Sunday, April 12, 2009

Surely He took up our infirmities

A deeper understanding of Isaiah 53
Last night I watched the Passion of the Christ, again. I never thought I would see it a second time, it is simply not the kind of film you want to see again.
This Easter, however, I longed for a deeper understanding of Jesus’ sacrifice. First of all because I needed some physical healing (and Isaiah 53:4 speaks clearly about this), and second, because I did not want the message of the cross to be robbed of its power.
The amount of blood that flows in this film is gruesome, but touching. I realized all over again that Jesus' blood flowed for the forgiveness of my sins. The amount of beatings and wounds is equally gruesome and it reminded me again of the fact that Jesus' wounds brought me healing. His sacrifice had a dual meaning, forgiveness of sins and healing of diseases. The blood and the body, the wine and the bread; they are both symbols for the freedom I can have in Jesus Christ!
Do I never sin again? Do I never get sick again? No, of course not, but I know this one thing: the price for my freedom has been paid in full. Nothing can stay in me or on me that does not belong there! Halleluja!