Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prayer for change

One morning, earlier this week, I was reading through the prayer booklet that was published specifically for the week of prayer 2015. I found these words:

God of life, 
Let our strength
not be the result of violence,
but of love.
Let our prosperity
not be the result of possessions,
but of sharing.
Let our path
not lead to ambition,
but to righteousness.
This is what we ask
in the Name of Jesus,
Your Son.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Good news blog

Wishing you all a blessed and inspirational 2015 full of pleasant surprises from our heavenly Father!

In a world that seems to continually scream bad news at us, I have yet again made a commitment to write short (I know how busy you all are) encouraging, uplifting and positive blog posts in 2015 and to share good news  items whenever possible. After all, we are called to share the good news, not to spread and repeat the bad stuff (which we will leave up to the secular media).

It is my wish that a visit to my blog will make your day brighter, so you can pass the light on to others... Let's do it!

If you can think of a topic that needs a fresh (biblical) perspective, please do not hesitate and send an email to Who knows it will turn into an interesting blog series.

Elsie Amata, you have won the December give-away. Please, send me an email with your address and I will make sure the two books will come your way. Congratulations and have fun reading!