Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Think big, start small

The tragedies of this world are coming at us at cosmic speed. Sometimes in such massive waves that it seems impossible to see through it, in search for light. Many people find themselves paralyzed by fear, unable to move on... in search for light.

Images, headlines, words and relief efforts are passing us by in a never ending scream to get our attention. Yet, in the midst of all chaos and disorder  one question remains: how can I make a difference, where do I start?

My answer is simple: think big, start small. Sort of like God. For God so loved the world [now, that's big thinking...] that He... what? Send an army of angels? Organized a massive demonstration? Decided to clean up this planet with one move of His hand? No! He sent one person, His Son. Now, that is thinking big (loving the world and seeing the need) and starting small (one person with  an assignment).

I truly believe it still works like that. We cannot solve all the problems in this world, but each person can do something in order to touch someone else and help that person to get a new life. That is in short the philosophy behind our non profit organisation Traveling Light. Offering help on a small scale basis (one person at the time) and by doing so changing lives, families, streets, villages, cities, nations... and yes, eventually the world, in preparation for the coming King and for the glory of our heavenly Father... who might have more pain about the present state of the earth He created than we can imagine.

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven (Matthew 5:16).

We just finished a fundraiser (two of our volunteers raised almost $5,500) for the construction of a small home for girls and young woman in Moldova, who have been rescued from human trafficking, the youngest girl being only twelve years of age. If you want to know how they did that, check our weblog HERE.

My question for you is: Do you let yourself be paralyzed by fear or do you decide to get up and let your light shine?