Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Give me a Q

In my Bible Alphabet Blog Series Q stands for Questions.

FAQ, or better known as frequently asked questions. Frequently asked questions addressed to God by all men, whether Christian or not.

Why is there so much suffering? Why do You allow this? Why don't You do anything about this? Why don't I experience You more often? Etc. etc. Do you recognize this ongoing record?

Going through the Bible we discover that we often talk before we listen, asking these same questions over and over again. In doing so, we tend to take up God's position. Yes, in a way we do, because it is God Himself who is asking the really important questions.

Why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye? Why do you have such evil thoughts? Why did you doubt? Why do you ask me what is good? Why do you not do what I'm saying? Why do you worry?

Somehow we have developed this habit to call the Supreme Ruler of the universe to be accountable for every disaster, every pain, for everything that doesn't happen to our liking and for the many things we cannot comprehend with our finite minds. But if we take an honest look at His Word we can and will discover that God has many questions for mankind, especially for the Believers.

Are we able to answer His questions?