Thursday, May 18, 2006

Giving in order to receive

God wants to multiply your time!
If for whatever reason we regard one day a week as special, we regard it as our special day, and thus we want to do the things we like or love. God's way of thinking is different: One day a week is special. It is not yours, it is Mine. Pursue Me and not your own interests.
Could it be that we lack time during the week because we are trying to keep all the days for ourselves, because we refuse to give God His rightful one day a week? Think about the biblical principle of giving in order to receive. If we give Him back one day a week, He can bless the other six! It works with money, why wouldn't it work with time?
I want to challenge you if you are one out of those millions of people who are often busy and hardly ever have enough time to get everything done; start giving back to God His special day. You will find out He starts to bless the other six days too, in a supernatural way. You will always have enough time. By giving Him the hours on that special day, He will mutiply them and give them back to you during the other days! You will never, ever run out of time again!

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