Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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Are you curious and ready to receive an uncommon thought on a much debated, yet sometimes forgotten issue?
In Sacred Sabbath I have taken one of God's Commandments out of its birthplace in history and put it in our daily lives at the dawn of the 21st century. I have put it smack in the middle of a time in which the Ten Commandments are the reason for public debates, lawsuits and political turmoil. I am aware of a movement that is trying to get rid of the display of the Ten Commandments in America's courthouses, judicial system and schools. I am even more aware that we serve a God who wants the Ten Commandments back in America's homes, in America's family lives, and in the hearts of the people. It is from there that we will be able to change the world we live in. It is from within her own people that America can turn back to moral and high value living, the way God had in mind when He created us in His image!

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