Monday, November 17, 2008

Breath of Life

A story about a child's love for his Father
Breath of Life is more than a story about the womb process, it is more than a cry for life, it is the journey of spirit, soul, and body as they come together as one. It is a story about a child's love for his Father.

"I am getting a little emotional over this heart and soul thing. Becoming a living soul means being able to walk and wonder, to live and let go, to meet and move on. All of a sudden I feel so complete. My Creator has given me a heart and awakened my soul. He is the one who will know me like no one else ever will. Ever! I am running over with gratefulness and exitement. He truly loves me more than I ever imagined. What I am saying is, I am sure He always loved me, but now that I am receiving a body, I can actually love Him back! I can love Him with all of my heart and with all of my soul. Yes, with all of my being!"


  1. Wow! What a neat perspective. If we could only be as child like all the time. I think I will work on that :)

  2. Marja, I love that part where Sorek says, 'Now I have a body I can love God back'!
    I want to love God back too as much as He deserves.
    God bless you for your insight into the heart of God.

  3. Yes Lorrie, you're so right! We'll have to work on having child-like faith, because sometimes we've gotten so far away from that simple love and trust!

  4. Dear Wyn, that's what I want too, love God back! One way of doing that is using my talents for Him, using my creativity for Him. That 'll make Him proud as a Father, I am sure! I am so glad you are doing that too. We must try to picture our writings as the drawing a little child makes for his mom or dad. Whatever it looks like, just the fact that it was made for them makes them happy!
    Thanks for your kind comments Wyn, and I am glad you love little Sorek!


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