Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tate Publishing starts pre-sale 2nd book

Order Respectfully Yours on-line today!
Proverbs 16:32 says it is better to be patient than powerful. That is so true! Writing, editing, printing and publishing a book is a lenghty process. If I think about all the work Tate has to do, my part seems easy, now that it is over (for this book at least). I am excited that Tate Publishing started the pre-sale of the 2nd book in The Ten Commandments Series. For everyone in the USA: make sure to order your personal copy right now at It is even more convenient to go directly to the following link This should take you to the right page at once. Placing your order there will really help to build up pre-sales; I will be forever thankful for your support to get this book out there.
Respectfully Yours is based on the commandment to honor our parents, but it deals with a much broader aspect of family life: the mutual respect between God, parents and children. I believe this book is a must-read for everyone who wants to improve, restore or even rebuild family relationships.

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