Monday, November 20, 2006

Be filled with thanksgiving

Make a thank-you list!
This week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA. Again, as with other holidays, it will be all about the food, the fun and the family. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not forget why we come together in the first place: to give thanks! I have heard people complain about meeting with certain family members. Well, some people have no family members at all to celebrate with! Think about our military oversees, think about the homeless, think about the hospitalized. I have heard people complain about the preparation of so much food. Well, many people have never heard of the food we eat here on a daily basis! Think about the poor, the needy and the persecuted. We are so privileged in this country to be able to celebrate our abundance, our riches and our prosperity. The least thing we should do is make a thank-you list and present it to the Lord. Be filled with thanksgiving for your health, your family, your food, your country and your future.

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