Thursday, November 09, 2006

2e book now available

Order your copy of Respectfully Yours today!
The official nationwide release date for Respectfully Yours has been set for January 16th 2007. Family and friends don't have to wait that long to order. The book is now available through the publisher (not yet through bookstores and web sellers). If you want your own copy as soon as possible, order one today from Tate Publishing by simply going to the following link
or by placing a phone call to the publisher:

toll free: 888-361-9473
office: 405-376-4900
fax: 405-376-4401

The retail price is $10.99 + SH. We are curious to receive the first comments. We just know that this book will bless many readers, as it deals with a subject we can all relate to. We will use your comments in the press releases that will go out to various papers and magazines. The marketing process of a book is totally different than the creative process. I feel the book is 'finished', but I know it is just beginning!

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