Monday, April 08, 2019

Beauty-full thoughts

It is always a joy when one of our fellow bloggers comes out with a new book! When Jeanette Levellie asked me a while back whether I wanted to be part of her book launch team, I said yes... of course 😁

Jeanette has a good sense of humor and excellent writing skills and I really enjoy reading her blogs. About two years ago I interviewed her for my series Bloggers@work

Last week her new book Hello, Beautiful! was released and I had the privilege of receiving an advanced reader copy (lucky me). I found myself immediately glued to the pages. Hello Beautiful is a joint effort of Jeanette and her friend Beth Gormong and it is an interactive devotional journal for women.

Apart from the theme (finally love yourself just as you are)  the set-up of the devotional is worth mentioning, 👉it has everything I love about a devotional:
Beth and Jeanette
  • short stories that I can (mostly) relate to
  • a question to ponder, which helps me as a reader to make it personal
  • a quote to remember (who doesn't love quotes?!) and...
  • room to write down your thoughts (or those of the Holy Spirit for that matter)
I found the devotionals very encouraging and uplifting, easy to read yet very inspirational. Some of my favorite chapters are courage through failure (16) and encourage me, please! (29).

I believe the theme (self acceptance) is a hot topic among believers and non-believers alike. We cannot give heed to God's calling to love others, as we love ourselves, if we have a problem with who we are or how we look. Low self esteem, negative self image and doubts about identity are issues many, many girls and women struggle with today. I believe Hello, Beautiful! can help to set things straight!

You can read more about her new book on Jen's weblog.
You can order the paperback and e-book on Amazon.


  1. Thank you, Marja, for featuring our book today. I'm so happy you liked it! We think it is a much-needed message (we wrote it for ourselves as much as anyone!).
    Grace, Jen

    1. You girls have done a wonderful job Jeanette, and yeah, I learn from the books I write :)

  2. It is an EXCELLENT book. I can't wait to share it with some friends.

    1. Thanks Cecelia, Jeanette is an excellent writer and a fun fellow blogger!

    2. Thanks, Quietspirit! You are a splendid support! Jen


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