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Bloggers@work: Jeanette Levellie

This month I am celebrating my 10 year blogiversary with giveaways and a bloggers special: Bloggers@work.

Ten years of blogging wouldn't be possible without the support, encouragement, comments and inspiration of other bloggers. I love this community and that's why I'll be hosting some of my favorite bloggers and their WIP (work in progress). Jeanette Levellie kicks off.

Kev & Jeanette Levellie
What is your current WIP?
My current WIP is a book on prayer, Touchable God, a two-part book. Part 1 is a compilation of stories from my own life chronicling how the Lord taught me how touchable He is--that we can come to Him anytime, with any kind of request or anguish of heart, no matter how small or enormous, and He is right there with all the grace we need.

Part 2 is a series of prayers for friends in crisis--ones who have lost a job, whose children are wayward, those facing surgery, etc. I hope these prayers will encourage readers in their walk to the Throne of Grace, to expect God to act on their behalf.

Wherein lies your biggest struggle with this particular project?
My biggest struggle is that I often feel like a hypocrite, as I don't always pray with as much faith as I'd like to, and as I encourage others to in my book. So condemnation slips in. I think, "How can I teach on prayer when my own prayer life is lacking or my faith wanes?"

Then the Lord reminds me that what I'm writing is truth, whether I practice it or not! Nevertheless, my own words of exhortation are often the kick in the pants I need. You've heard how many preachers choose sermon topics they need to hear? It's true of writers too!

Jen's work in progress
What do you see as the biggest blessing while working on this particular project?
The biggest blessing working on this project is that I'm reminded how approachable our Father truly is. He is not mad at us--Jesus has already taken away our sins. He is not far off on the shore, barely listening to our cries for help--He is in the boat with us, calming the storm. His love and grace are deeper than our sins and kinder than our blunders, and we can run to him with our broken hearts and find healing every time. 

Do you have a word of wisdom for writers and their WIP?
A word of wisdom? Don't give up. Ask for the Father's help on your WIP. He wants to help  you! He has equipped you to write, and He always finishes what He starts. Also, sometimes we have to force ourselves to sit down and do what God has called us to do. We simply tell our bodies, "NO!" when they want to be lazy.

I often tell myself, 'Just write one sentence or paragraph' when I don't feel like working. When I get that first sentence out, the muse is stirred up and the ideas begin to flow. It's taking that first step of obedience to the Holy Spirit that helps form a good habit. 

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  1. Marja: Thank you for sharing our friend, Jeanette, with the blogging community. I look forward to reading this book.

    Jeanett: Hi, there. I believe I will enjoy this new book. (Is it one or two books?)

    1. Hi Cecelia, thanks for stopping by, from what I understand it is one book, 2 parts.

    2. Dear Quiet Spirit, thanks for commenting. This is one book, but has two sections; one is stories about how I got to know God through prayer; two is prayers for friends in crisis.

  2. Thanks, Marja, for allowing me to talk about my new book, my writing journey and my Best Friend!
    I appreciate you hosting this series,

    1. Thanks for letting us take a look behind the scenes Jeanette!

  3. It's wonderful to see Jeanette here! I enjoyed hearing about her WIP. It sounds like it will be a wonderful resource and all around encouragement. Cheering you on to the finish line, Jen! :)

    Marja, congratulations to you on this wonderful blogging milestone! You have indeed stayed the course. Thanks for hosting Jen today! :)

    1. Cheering each other on to the finish line, well said Karen. Thanks!

    2. Thanks, Karen. You are a top cheer leader, and I appreciate you!


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