Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Motto 2009

Do not be anxious about anything!
This past week we had some serious trouble with our telephone line. The fierce and hot Santa Ana wind that frequently storms through the Southland must have damaged our ancient system. No dial tone, no internet, no phone calls... for some days. It slowed me down, I actually finished two books I was reading. I noticed it did get me a little upset as well when I caught myself yelling at the recorded message that the phone company kept playing for me while being on hold on my husband's cell phone. Just that same morning I finally received my motto for this year: do not be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6) I wrote the words with big letters in my new journal and I had glued a picture of a tranquil beach right next to it ... as a reminder. I had no clue I would be practising my new found motto only a little while later.
It must be one of the most difficult commands to obey and one that is easlily overlooked for convenience sake. I have decided to really, seriously try and keep it up for a season, until I get it!


  1. I always find myself that when I make a decision or a promise to be a better me, every trial in the book pertaining to that comes at me.
    What a testing! Phones and Internet are as important as electricity in my life.
    Hope all is well now !

  2. That is so true Wyn, the decision triggers EVERYTHING! But I really want to get a hold of this one :)

  3. For some reason, I can't picture you yelling at the answering machine ~ that made me laugh (sorry). I sorely know what you are talking about though. It seems God is speaking to his children about not being anxious (which makes me kind of anxious!). I need to work on this myself. I see so many things (politics) that upset me, that are wrong. I'm trying hard to keep God's perspective instead of mine... I will hide this motto in my heart as well. Thanks!

  4. Thanks Lorrie, I am glad you will give it some thought too. I am not a worrier by nature, not at all. I am very easy going and can see the positive in almost anything. But still, I noticed how easily anxiety can creep in, even about little things like technical trouble... and you're so right, bigger stuff like politics and economics and world situations causes even more heartache. I know I have to purposely make the decision not to worry or be upset, but instead to pray about it, or write about it... we do have a platform don't we? well, I am gald we can encourgae and inspire one another. Thanks Lorrie, I always appreciate your input!


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