Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Reminder: books worldwide available!
At the beginning of 2009 I would like to thank the readers of my books and blogs. It is because of your kindness and awesome comments that I am looking forward to yet another year of writing and hopefully the publishing of the next book in the series. I would like to remind everyone of the blessings of the internet; my books are available in the USA through many internet book sellers like Barnes & Noble and Borders, but also worldwide through sellers like Amazon and the Bookdepository (this one will deliver free of charge worldwide!). It never stops to amaze me how efficient the web works, we can communicate, send e-mails, leave comments, create blogs and order books! What did we do before all this?
If you haven't done so already and if you're interested in my writings, please order my books on-line at your favorite book store. The books are great for small group studies and home groups as well as for personal devotional time. Apart from the serious messages for America (and any other nation really) they contain many, many scriptures and spiritual truths to meditate upon.
Thanks again for your support and may your year be filled with joy and peace!

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  1. Happy to have read all three of your books, and listened to the first one on DVD. It was wonderful to hear your voice, since it will be two years in May since I have seen you, or heard your voice in person. We don't even get to speak on the phone! Love today's technology, the way we can listen to books as well as read them! Are you going to give us any hints about your next book? I am sure you are already writing it! That is just how you are; organized and busy! Your web site is so pleasing to the eye; everything you do, you do so well. Will be watching to see if you post anything about your next book! God Bless you and Have a Blessed New Year! Sandra


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