Monday, October 27, 2008

Pro-life news leader advertises Breath of Life
With the elections coming up next week, the pro-life debate is top news, every day! It seems everyone has voiced their opinion about the rights of the unseen life in the womb; individuals, churches, politicians, organisations etc. In Breath of Life you are given the unique opportunity to hear the story from an unexpected source: the unborn child. Shouldn't we listen, just for once?
Please check out if you like, they give the latest political news about the debate. is also running a week long ad for Breath of Life in their daily e-mail newsletter that goes out nationwide to thousands of readers.


  1. Marja, You know how excited I am about your book, but I think you should send a copy to Obama !
    I will say no more as I am inclined to jump on a political soap box.
    Sorek was a wonderful voice in the wilderness. One wonders if the skies are full of the cries of the lost souls.

  2. Dear Wyn, thanks for the tip, I wonder if he has time to read it... maybe after the elections, haha!


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