Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be Creative!

Make something for your Maker
Breath of Life is not just your every day story about God's creating power! It is a cry for life, it is spiritual poetry, it is a celebration of God's love for mankind. The voice of the unborn hero in my story is fighting for your attention, listen:
"As a human, I finally get a chance to actually see and touch the things He has made. It is this experience that urges humans to express their admiration for the great Creator in words, music, pictures, and dance. Well, that is how I see it. That's what I mean by adding substance to our praise. I will finally have a chance to make something for my Maker."
When was the last time you made something for your Maker? Use your hands (and feet) and let it be a song, a poem, a picture, a photo, or a dance. Dedicate it to Him and share it with someone!


  1. Marja, We get so busy with life that we forget to make sure that whatever we are doing is making something for the Lord! Thanks for the reminder!

    And I wanted to thank you, my sweet friend for taking time to read my posts. Blessings...

  2. Marja, Hey thanks for generous comment to my blog :) I'm glad to find your page too - great stuff! I am adding yours to mine as well!

    I read over many of your posts and find something I like all around. Your lay-out is very friendly too :)

  3. Awesome Lorrie, thanks for your kind words. I really like your kaleidoscope profile picture, althought I guess it doesn't look like you :)


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