Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Our Motto for 2008

Apart from Me you can do nothing

A stern warning in simple words from the Master Himself. Jesus adressed His followers and urged them to stay connected to Him if they wanted to be productive. As a follower of Jesus we should have the desire to do the things He did, we are called to do the things He did. In our zeal to do so, however, it is easy to start relying on our own strength and ideas and maybe even perform on automatic pilot. That is something we pray would never happen in our work for Him. We want to be fully aware of the fact that we can do nothing worthwhile without His help, without His guidance, without His teaching. This awareness will simply make us fully dependant on Him, in everything we do! Jesus made His and our position very clear in John 15:5
Apart from Me you can do nothing
This is not a negative statement, it is a positive promise, it is everything we trust in and hope for! It seals our connection, our friendship and our sonship. In 2008 we want to be reminded, over and over, that we live and move and exist in Jesus Christ alone. We want to be reminded, over and over again, that knowledge, education, or status are not important in the Kingdom. Staying connected to the source of life, that is important!

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