Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tate Publishing accepts 2nd book

Production 'Respectfully Yours' in full swing
One book doesn't make a series! That is why it didn't take Tate Publishing long before starting on the production of the 2nd book in this series! I believe Respectfully Yours (Revealing God's truth about well being and a long life) is a worthy sequel to Sacred Sabbath. I have used the same low key and down-to-earth style, many readers have become familiar with, to present the ancient teachings of the Bible. This time it is all about family relationships. As with the 1st book, this is not a book about rules. It is not about do's and don't's. It is about the way Jesus revolutionized traditional family concepts.
Christianity is not just a religion, it is a relationship and I am not afraid to say that we can learn all there is to know when we open up God's word in our efforts to restore, rebuild or simply reorganize our family life.

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