Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Enjoy the land

God did not have a retirement community in mind when He shaped the Sierra's
During the past few weeks we thankfully grabbed another opportunity to camp out in the Sierra's of Northern California and what a wonderful time we had! Thoughts about the nineth chapter of Sacred Sabbath are slowly coming to my mind while looking back on our vacation.
'Why would God make such an incredible beautiful country for millions of people? To merely exist and work as slaves? To build houses just about everywhere? To pollute nature? Do you think He had a retirement community in mind when He shaped the Sierra's, when He formed the beaches and when He created the forests? Do you think our excuses to postpone enjoyment of what He made for us, by about 50 years, will impress Him?
I believe God wants us to enjoy the land we live in, right now! Based on what God says in Isaiah 58:13-14 I wrote Sacred Sabbath. Check it out and re-think your life while you can!

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