Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Each one his or her own truth?

Have you heard it in a conversation lately: "You have your truth and I have mine ..."?

A strange idea actually, because if everyone has his or her own truth, truth has become a variable. Friends today, enemies tomorrow. Taboo today, acceptable tomorrow. Truth has become rather confusing in our society today. It is no longer regarded as a foundation upon which we can build our worldview.

Do we find the truth somewhere in the middle? Is it possible to find truth in the midst of many voices, views and opinions? What is wrong with having our own personal truth? Ethical questions that are interesting enough to dig into, and I did ...

In my latest book Spirit of Truth I have taken a closer look at three statements by three different people:

  • Pilate, who proclaimed three times that he could not find any fault in Jesus
  • Peter, who said three times in a row that he did not know Jesus and
  • Jesus, who announced three times the coming of the Spirit of truth

Three men, each portraying their 'own' truth. In Spirit of Truth I am taking the reader to the courtroom where Jesus stands in front of Pilate, while Peter was outside denying his friendship with Jesus. Pilate confronts Jesus with a direct and desperate question: What is truth?

We are being challenged to answer that question!

Spirit of Truth is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited for only $2.99.


  1. Truth is truth, no matter what one believes, but as you said, the key is finding and knowing the real truth. That's all that will count when we stand before God at the end. Looking forward to checking out your book!

    1. Absolutely Karen, Jesus is the truth and He does not change!

  2. Marja: Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." That settles it for me. Will this book be coming out in paperback?

    1. Yes, it is also out in paperback Cecelia, but not on Amazon. I can send you one in exchange for a review!


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