Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pros and cons of FB pages

Back in 2006 (yeah, when I started this weblog) my first book in the Ten Commandments Series was released: Sacred Sabbath. It was basically a book about time management: taking a day of rest after every six days of work.

Not too long ago I was reading through that book again and while making notes I was amazed at how timely the message still is in 2014. So... (and this is how my mind works) I decided to make a Facebook page for this book series. Not just for the latest or upcoming one, but for the whole series!

The downside: I gotta bother my friends (you!) to like the page. The upside: it is a great way to give away snippets and one liners for friends to share and tweet. As more and more books are being translated in different European languages I tend to 'neglect' my English speaking audience... (forgive me). So I thought FB would be an easy way to stay connected, even if we miss each other's blogs every now and then :)

So, I hope you will visit the Facebook page and I would be honored to receive your LIKE.


  1. I think this is a wonderful idea. I have mixed feelings about social media but it has been a good tool to share with readers. I think you made a smart move.
    I've already "Liked" the page. It looks great!

    1. Thanks for liking the page Karen... I hesitated as well, there is already so much on FB, it has turned into a jungle... but, every jungle has it orchids!

  2. Of course I will like it! You are not bugging us; it's an honor to help you!

  3. Hi Marja,

    Congratulations on your books, and the new focus from it this year too. Tell me more about your books. What prompted you to write this series? What do you feel they best tackled? Which is your favorite in the series? :)

    Re your comment on my post "To the Ugly and Small-God-Praying Folk Like Me," Marja, oh I agree. :) How verses can strike us in new ways each time we read and study them.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate it. I am halfway writing this series. What prompted me to write? Hmm, good question. I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me :) to start writing on law and grace. I think the books bring balance between law and grace in modern day teaching. My favorite is Breath of Life...

  4. "Liked" your page, Marja! I have one also if you'd care to visit and "Like" it. :)


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