Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Church homework

Has it ever happened to you? Someone says something really significant and you tell yourself 'gotta remember this' and not even half a day later you don't remember what it was. This is how it often happens with sermons being preached (sorry)...

We speak in different churches and my husband and I are always trying to come up with things to make a sermon practical. We should be doers of the Word after all, not only hearers. Saying how nice and wonderful a message was, means nothing if we don't put the words into practice. First of all we have to learn how to remember things.. The easiest way to do this is through making notes. How do students learn in school or college? By taking notes and going over them again at home. Isn't it logical to learn the same way in church?

A few weeks ago my husband Jan spoke in a church in Holland and the next day all members received an email, it said:

"Jan gave us all some homework to do, so let this email be a reminder! It is important to put into practice what we have learned last Sunday. Grow and develop, seek God and do what you have learned!
  • Read Proverbs 8
  • Listen to the podcast of the sermon again
  • Purchase a journal and start this year with writing down your spiritual adventures
  • Bring this journal to the services and make notes to further study at home
  • Write down what you have learned (about Jesus) in 2012
  • Write down what you want to learn or experience this year, for example: victory in certain things, receiving of spiritual gifts etc.
  • Make sure to write down your questions, disappointments en challenges as well
This way, it will be possible to see within (half) a year or so which prayers have been heard, what longings fulfilled and which questions answered. Spiritual growth becomes more clear."

What is your experience when it comes to putting into practice what you've learned? Do you make notes in church?


  1. Usually our worship folder has a section that has an outline of the sermon with blanks for the important words to be placed in by us as we listen. Our worship folder is folded into thirds. Sometimes, I list the praises and prayer needs on the front. Some of my sermon notes wander over to the order of service section.

    1. Yes, I do that too Cecelia, writing down prayer and praises, otherwise I forget :)

  2. Great encouragement. Thank you.
    I do like to take notes. I keep a journal in my handbag just for note-taking during sermons. I'm so glad I do... as there's no way I would remember some of those golden nuggets. Even as I re-read them months later, I'm surprised how much I've forgotten and how glad I am I wrote things down.
    Blessings for wonderful weekend.
    Dotti :)

    1. I LOVE reading my old journals and notes, it shows where I have grown (and where not).

  3. My pastor always includes an outline in our bulletin. I also bring a notebook because I write the church blog.

    Our church posts all the Sunday messages online. We can listen on our computers, download it to an MP3 player, or podcast. I'm glad we don't have to rely on our memories. We can listen to a message as many times as we desire.

    1. That's for sure Susan, with all digital possibilities we have no more excuses :)

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