Wednesday, April 04, 2012


This past weekend I worked on one of my monthly articles for a Christian magazine in Holland. I wrote about courage, or maybe I should say: on people who have lost courage. I see that happening all around me, people who have given up... God, however, is looking for men and women of courage. Will He find you?


  1. Anonymous12:53 AM

    I was telling myself last night, never give up, never give up... God is our strength. Thanks for the encouragement to never give up. How can we when we have Christ on our side?
    God bless sweet friend and thanks for linking up! It would not be the same without you

  2. I love that quote, Marja! Those articles sound interesting...Would love a peek! In His Grace, Dawn

  3. Thanks for this "short but sweet" reminder! May God give us courage.

  4. Hi Marja -

    Great quote. If Christopher Columbus had stayed on the shore, history would have taken a much different turn.

    As I learned from my husband and a well-known minister, courage is not the absence of fear but rather the determination to move forward in spite of it.

    Susan :)

    1. That says it pretty well Susan, determination to move forward... Thanks.

  5. Ooo...I love that quote, Marja! Thanks for sharing it! I know your article will be wonderful. Hope you had a very blessed Easter!


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