Friday, November 26, 2010

Great read!!

A dream without a strategy to achieve it, will remain a fantasy!
Does it ever happen to you that you have a book on the shelf for months and months and months... without reading it? And when you finally read it, it blows you away and you wonder why you had it on the shelf for so long? Well, it happened to me with John C. Maxwell's book 'Put your dream to the test'.

We have just spent two weeks in Mexico and a few days on a secluded beach in Bahia de Los Angeles, without electricity, phones or e-mail turned out to be the perfect location and timing for finally reading this awesome book! Maxwell has a way of writing that is simple yet so profound, it is honest and raw and loaded and everything else I can think of. This is defenitely the most inspiring and motivating book I have read in a long time!
I don't know what your dream is, maybe you want to write a movie script or become a doctor or open up an orphanage or bake the best apple pies in the country... it doesn't matter, the size of your dream doesn't say anything about the significance. But a dream without a strategy to achieve it will remain a fantasy! This book is a must read for anyone who wants to accomplish something significant in life. It really, really inspired me and encouraged me. I wrote all my thoughts and ideas and questions and comments in a journal and that really helped me to see where I am in the process of achieving my dream. I highly recommend it!!


  1. Wow, another book for my list!! Thanks Marja :-)

  2. Hi Marja -

    Thanks for the review. I've heard John Maxwell speak on several TV programs and was impressed. I'll have to add this book and his other books to my Wish List.

    Susan :)

  3. Sounds like a must read! Your description of this book reminds me of one I'm currently reading - Living a Purpose Full Life (what happens when you say yes to God) by Jan Johnson. You'd love it! Thanks for sharing your review of this book! Have a blessed week!

    Thanks for stopping by Life Lessons! You're always an encouragement! And welcome back! :)

  4. I hope you get to hand in your wish list before Christmas Susan :)

  5. Thanks Maria for your recommendation... Jan Johnson... never heard of her! Do you have it on Goodreads?

  6. Hi Marja! A friend had recommended her book to me several years ago. I'm actually re-reading it with a college student I mentor. I'm sure you could find it on Amazon.

    So glad you're back - I always appreciate your comments at Life Lessons. It can be so challenging to keep things properly balanced! Have a beautiful week! God bless!

  7. My favourite Scripture on giving?
    Malachi 3.10
    Bring Me all the tythes into the storehouse and prove Me now!!!!
    I haven't a favourite book on giving until now.

  8. Hi Marja, Jan told me you read a Maxwell book and you really enjoyed it. I forgot to ask the title at the time. Now I know. Thanks!


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