Friday, June 29, 2007

Our Well Being, His Concern

Guidance towards a better life
Somehow God's Commandments often trigger negative comments from people. It is all about do's and don't's.... Is that really so? In the Ten Commandments Series I am working on, I am putting emphasis on God's concern for our lives. He does not delight in punishing us for wrong doing. He cares for our well being. The sub titles of the first two books in the series reveal this concern. Sacred Sabbath deals with the stress our 24/7 society brings. The sub title is as follows: God's way to multiply our time and restore our joy. This is not a book about rules and regulations, it is about God's love for and patience towards mankind. It is about the quality of life here on earth! God's Commandments are the guidance we need as individuals and as a nation. The 2nd book, Respectfully Yours, carries the sub title: Revealing God's truth about well being and a long life. Believe it or not, God is truly concerned about our overall well being!

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