Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reading Is Learning

Small group gathers around Sacred Sabbath

Recently we've started a small group in our home, or I should say: in our garden! The beautiful spring weather allows us to gather outside and take a closer look at the first book in this series, Sacred Sabbath. Reading together is so much fun! It has nothing to do with a dry, dusty and boring study group. First of all because the people aren't boring and second of all because the book isn't. It doesn't matter how many times I read chapter one, it still excites me! I find new truths all the time!
Let me share some of the discussion starters from chapter one:
  • "When God speaks, He creates." What do you know about God's creating power? What about our words, do they have creating power? (think about: I'm tired, I can never do that etc.)
  • "God still speaks today." Have you ever experienced that? Do you know how to hear from God? (think about: miracles, music, the Bible etc.)
  • "God is not a mysterious God somewhere far away on His own safe planet." Is that so? What is your view about God? Try to describe Him. Do you want to learn more about God?
This is only a hand full of topics we've touched last week. I wrote this book with the hope that reading it would provoke your thoughts. Please feel free to write, journal, underline and highlight! Use the book! Make it your own!

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