Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Contract for audio book signed

Sacred Sabbath soon available as audio book!
Personally I love nothing better then to hold a real book, with pages, letters, a colorful cover and all, in my hands. I must admit I have sometimes purchased books only because the cover was so beautiful or the lay-out was just awesome! There are books everywhere in our house, I just love books! I do realize however, that millions of people find it easier to listen to books on tapes or CD's or to download them in MP3 format on their computers and i-pods. Thanks to modern technology the possiblities to reach people all over the world are endless.
I see it as exciting news that Tate Publishing is going to publish the first book in the Ten Commandments Series as an audio book. In doing so, we will enlarge our reading audience and reach more people with the good news. Jesus said in Mark 16:15

Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all mankind.


  1. Gurdy1:42 PM

    finally something for the lazy reader, great!! Looking forward to it


  2. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Great! I like to listen to books in my car, while driving, so this is exciting!

    Sandra Berry


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