Monday, July 23, 2018

A book: the best gift!

In my previous blog post I promised to give away a free copy of my newest book: In My Name. That post received a lot of comments on FB... yeah, like more than one hundred!

But since no one really shared the give-away, I decided to give 5 books to people I hand picked 😉

Last week we were in Ukraine, we participated in a summer camp for people from faith-based drugs- and alcohol rehabilitation centers. 230 men and women and children were present, we had a fantastic time. My husband and I taught several classes on 'the new life'.

We were very grateful for the team of interpreters that stood by our side, without them we could have done nothing. They helped us with the classes, with counseling sessions and personal talks throughout the whole week. I gave several books away as a thank you. Julia (in the picture) was very excited to receive a book. She loves the English language and she loves the Lord!

Another interpreter, Zhenya, emailed me the other day... "Marja, I am already in chapter 10. I love it!" It is my greatest joy to see the messages God gave me, touch people's lives. If it helps them to grow in their faith, if they are encouraged and inspired... I am happy.

So my dear blogger and author friends, keep writing if that is what you love to do. We never know how, when and where readers will be blessed by the very words we penned down.

You can order your Kindle book on Amazon for just $2.99.


  1. Marja: I am thankful that Zhenya loves your book. You made a wise decision to share it as a thank you to those who assisted you and your husband spread God's words to those who are hungry for a new life. Peace and Blessing. I pray for you.

  2. You are quite busy!! Congrats on your new book!

    1. Thanks Tiffany, in my mind another book is already forming ;)


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