Saturday, June 23, 2018

Reviews: give and take

As bloggers we love to get comments on our posts, it encourages and motivates. As writers and authors we love to get feedback on our articles and books, whether that is in the form of emails, shares on social media or honest reviews.

Of course we are excited about our own work, if not... something would be wrong 😁Even with little response to our writings, most of us would probably continue to do what we feel God has called us to do.

However, it is always good and useful to reflect and pray about our writings, to learn new skills, to develop existing ones and (let's not forget!) to comment on the work of others.

Reviews... it is a give and take business. Do for others what you want them to do for you; everyone loves to receive positive feedback from their readers!

Blogger and author Jeanette Levellie wrote a review about my latest book IN MY NAME on her blog Love Splashes and she posted a 5-star review on Amazon. She wrote:

"I found myself not only thinking of God and his name in new, intimate ways. But the teachings of In My Name  changed the way I pray!" 

Her comments are very encouraging to me and I am thankful for her postings. Have you subscribed to Jeanette's blog

Readers Favorite gave my new book a thumbs up in several reviews. One reader wrote:

"...clear writing and a straightforward concise message."

As bloggers/writers/authors we can meet on Goodreads as well, there are several interesting groups where books are discussed and reviews are given. Several years ago I started the Christian Nonfiction Lovers Book Club. We are currently revamping the topics, so feel free to join in!


  1. Marja: You are so right about our loving to get comments on our posts and reviews on our books. Last summer, I had someone, a neighbor,post a very short review on Amazon. She only used her initials. It was a positive review. She actually hadn't read the book. She thought it would be good based on the few conversations we had.

    1. I love it when people take time to comment on our blogs or books, and writing a review is super nice! I try to do the same for others as I want them to do to me.

  2. Hi Marja, I cannot wait to get my hands on your book! Your writing is always practical and makes God's word that little bit more understandable. I have no doubt your book will be in line with all that you as a writer have been blessed to do.
    God bless

    1. Well, the mail is taking its time... I hope it is worth the wait :) I just received another positive review, so I know it will bless you in a personal way as well!

    2. Checked again today, not there yet :( I'm like an anxious child lol!

    3. Bummer, The mailman must be reading it ;)


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