Saturday, September 09, 2017

Prayer for your area

In my previous blog post I wrote about Prayer for the Nations, a prayer group we set up years ago. Besides this group, where we focus on nations and people groups, we have also started a prayer meeting where we specifically focus on our region.

This group came into existence about two years ago when we were praying with a group of family and friends for my brother-in-law, who was very ill at the time. When He went home to be with the Lord, we decided to continue the prayer meetings and shift the focus to regional prayers.

We come together once a month and we pray for towns and villages, for the mayor and political parties, for the churches and healthy leadership.

We are small in number (10-16 per evening), but we pray with people from various denominations (such as Dutch Reformed, Evangelical, Pentecostal etc.). We share communion and we thank the Lord for what He is doing in our region: Alpha courses, prayer meetings, adding new believers, starting up new churches, vacation Bible schools and much, much more.

We thank Him for His healing and saving power and the testimonies we hear in our region. It is so encouraging to come together in this way and focus on His promises. We always get words and impressions from the Holy Spirit to share with each other. I write everything down in a special notebook, so we will know when certain prophetic words will come to pass!

Corporate prayer will not replace personal prayer, but it certainly strengthens the bond we have as believers.

Prayer WILL change this world.

If you're not involved in a specific group, may I encourage you to start a prayer group?


  1. Marja: I participate in a prayer group that meets on Tuesday mornings. We [ray about the needs of the church as well as individual needs. I have asked prayer for our neighborhood.My praying for my neighborhood has opened my eyes to the conditions of those who live around me.

  2. That is so true Cecelia, when we begin to pray for specific things (like a neighborhood) we get to see things, we did not notice before. Prayer magnifies :)

  3. Prayer unifies and heals. It brings strength en encouragement. Prayer is a healer in todays broken world. May God bless your meetings and the Holy Spirit guide your thoughts. May Jesus' wisdom be found in your endeavours to be His apostles.


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