Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lynn Austin comes to Holland

I am taking a short break from the no worries series, simply because I have a great news item. Bestselling author Lynn Austin will be doing a book tour in The Netherlands.

She will come to promote her first non-fiction book: Pilgrimage. It is a book about her personal pilgrimage to Israel where she found new passion for prayer and a deeper faith. Why am I so excited about this? Well, of course because I love books, I love writing, I love Israel and.... because I will have the honor to be Lynn's translator during her visit to Alblasserdam, the town where she will speak about her newest book. I am thrilled because I will have a chance to be with and to learn from a great author.

The back matter of her non-fiction debut Pilgrimage says:

We all encounter times when our spirit feels dry, when doubt looms. The opportunity to tour Israel came at a good time. For months, my life has been a mindless plodding through necessary routine, as monotonous as an all-night shift on an assembly line. Life gets that way sometimes, when nothing specific is wrong but the world around us seems drained of color. Even my weekly worship experiences and daily quiet times with God have felt as dry and stale as last year's crackers. I'm ashamed to confess the malaise I've felt. I have been given so much. Shouldn't a Christian's life be an abundant one, as exciting as Christmas morning, as joyful as Easter Sunday?

With gripping honesty, Lynn Austin pens her struggles with spiritual dryness in a season of loss and unwanted change. Tracing her travels throughout Israel, Austin seamlessly weaves events and insights from the Word . . . and in doing so finds a renewed passion for prayer and encouragement for her spirit, now full of life and hope.

The Dutch version of the book will come out next week. In America the book has been released last October. I am wondering, have you heard about her latest book and (just being curious) have you ever met an author you admired?


  1. I just recently finished this book and loved it. It's filled with encouraging Scripture and stories. It made me want to visit Israel and also to step out of my comfort zone. Beautiful book!

    1. I just started to read it last night Cathy, thanks for your review notes!


    Are numbers of the membership of a Christian denomination or of a non-Christian religion a valid indicator of identifying God's true religion? No, they are not.


    1. Islam 1.3 billion.
    2. Catholics 1.2 billion.
    3. Hinduism 828 million.
    4. Those who identify themselves as Christian, other than Catholic, 1 billion.
    5. Baptist 110 million.
    6. Buddhism 364 million.

    Identifying the Lord's church is not predicated on the number of members of a group or church.

    There are 7 billion people in the world.

    Matthew 7:13-14 "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. 14 "Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to to life, and there are few who find it.


    1. Faith: John 3:16, John 8:24
    2. Repentance: Acts 3:19
    3. Confession: Romans 10:9,10
    4 Water Immersion: Acts 2:38, Mark 16:16, 1 Peter 3:21


  3. You get to translate? That's so awesome. I've always wondered how it would be to have that strong a grasp of two languages. I do okay with Spanish and English, but if I had to interpret for anyone else's understanding, it would be a total mess.

    1. Well, as long as she doesn't use too difficult words, I should be fine :)

  4. Marja,

    That's exciting! When is she coming to Amsterdam? I enjoyed meeting author Ann Voskamp, Lysa Terkeurst, and am thankful to learn from them and so many other authors.

    Re your comment on my post "Intersecting Plotlines," Marja, nice to have you at my site again. :) Those stories around us are curious, heart-wrenching and exciting, huh?

    May your story be flowing in eddies that excite, comfort, and guide you clearly today too, :)

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer and for your kind words.
      Lynn's coming here March 6th, I am reading her book right now.

    2. Hi Marja,

      Re your comment on my post "What Your Neighbor May Be Trying to Tell You," (smiles) both are nice. :)

      Have a great week,
      Jennifer Dougan

  5. Would love to read her book. We have been to Israel three times and each time God took me deeper into my walk with Him. Actually as we were praying what country to serve in I beg God to send us to Israel to serve. Of course He knew we needed to go to Bolivia, SA first then years later to Papua New Guinea. An Israel is like two years of bible college crammed into two weeks. There is truth what your eyes behold will affect you, seeing those place written about in the Word along with the Word being taught there has never left me. Glad I stopped by your site today from Jennifer's. Blessings

    1. Betty, thanks for your visit. And yes, if you've been to Israel, you will love her new book. She writes with such love about that country, and I recognize many places she mentions.

  6. How exciting, Marja! I can just imagine how you'd be looking forward to this. Lynn is a favorite author of mine. I hadn't heard about this book, but now am looking forward to reading it. Blessings to you on your journey! Psalm 91. :)


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