It is well-researched, well-written, and logical to follow. Marja Meijers makes many good points in My Neighbor’s House that prompt introspection.
Readers Favorite

My Neighbor's House is another gem in Marja Meijers' series that lays out the intentions of the 10th commandment clearly and practically, while exposing the root of the problem in us. Marja's style presses past the distractions and inspires me to action like an enthusiastic coach. If you want to deepen your walk in real ways, read and DO this book!’
Ron Triggs
Lead Pastor Church of the Living Christ, Ojai, CA

‘I encourage you to read My Neighbor's House at least twice. In many respects you will find Marja’s style an easy read and be tempted to breeze through the book. Go ahead! But then, please, take more time in a second reading to allow God’s Spirit to speak truth deep into your reality.’
Don Coley
Administrator/CAO Teen Challenge of Southern California

"Grace of Giving is a short book with a wonderful message...'
Readers Favorite
2011 Award Winner Best Christian Non Fiction

'Breath of Life is a warm, bittersweet story from the perspective of the unborn child. it is full of information on fetal development and insights on spiritual issues. Most important, in our culture where the 'pro-choice' issue is so important, it reminds us of the importance of each choice that is made.'
Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
President of National Right to Life Committee, Inc.

'This book takes you on a very introspective journey to examine the type of relationships God desires for us to have with our families. Thank you Marja, for listening to God's voice and leading us on this journey. Respectfully Yours is truly a blessing.'
Mark A. Holmen
Pastor, consultant, speaker, missionary at the Faith@Home Movement
Author of Faith begins at home

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